Ms Annie

English - the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. Interestingly, research reviews that the vast majority of speakers are not “native”. In fact, English is the most common second language in the world and has been “the language of communication”. 
Being bilingual is essential to cognitive advancement. Albeit English seems difficult for non-native speakers, developing quality reading and writing habits is the key to master the language well.

E nglish as a second language
N ow gather your courage
G oal has been set
L est regret is best
I nnovative and progressive
S urely to be impressive
H appy learning is the objective

A rticulate and multilingual
T otally intellectual

W hat is more to say
I nteract today
Z ealous are the teachers
D utiful to Kinders
O ptimize their skills
M easurably thrilled