Ms Candy Wong

Walton Elementary School, CA
Scott Creek Middle School, CA
Gleneagle Secondary School, CA
Bachelor of Arts, Simon Fraser University, CA
Teaching Assistant, Elite Chinese School, CA
Research Assistant, Intergroup Relations and Social Justice Lab at
Simon Fraser University, CA
Native English Teacher, Jolly Faith Learning Centre, HK

As a teacher, I believe that encouragement and reinforcement are crucial to child development. The use of encouragement in learning can help to increase a child's confidence. A confident child would be more willing to take risks and try new things. Reinforcement is used to promote positive behaviors while punishment is used to discourage negative behaviors. In my opinion, reinforcement is much more effective than punishment as it can be used to create an intrinsic motivation. Children tend to learn more quickly if they are intrinsically motivated to do well. They want to do a good job because it makes them feel good about themselves, not because they want to please their parents/teachers/other adults.

When a child makes a mistake during reading or writing, it is important not to discourage them. Instead, try to find out what the underlying factor behind this mistake is. Is it because he/she is not familiar with the sounds? Is it because he/she does not recognize the letters? Is it because he/she is unable to blend the word?We can only help them improve by figuring out what they actually need help on.